Error! Username or password is incorrect

I’m trying to access our dreamhost account but it says
"Error! Username or password is incorrect."
Ive tried to reset the password but the email used was deactivated and cannot be reactivated,
Is there another way i can get our Dreamhost Login details?
Please help, really really need a solution, thank you

use this webform and pick lost password in the dropdown.

thanks for your reply, :slight_smile:
but i already did send an email, now I’ve received their response asking me questions about some details of our account, they say if answered correctly
then i will be guided to the next step, :slight_smile:
now just need to dig some information because the one who registered the our account is long gone(almost 10 years haha), hope i can find the correct details, anyways thanks mate and …Cheers

Makes for a good reason to update the account periodically.