Error: Unable to create snapshot

Please direct me to instructions on how to create a snapshot of our instance. Every time I run “Create a Snapshot” I get this " Error: Unable to create snapshot."

Thank you in advance for your help.

  1. Navigate to the Instances page of the DreamCompute dashboard.
  2. To the right of the instance, click the Create Snapshot button and give the snapshot a name. This creates an operating system image of your running instance. Please wait for this process to complete before moving on to the next step (generally it doesn’t take more than a few minutes).
  3. Make note of the flavor of the instance, the name of the instance, and any other features that should be retained in the new instance.
  4. Click the Launch Instance button to create a new instance. On the “Source” tab, set “Select Boot Source” to “Instance Snapshot” and click the up arrow symbol next to the name of the snapshot created in the previous step. Please note that you cannot create a new volume from instance snapshots in DreamCompute, so make sure to set “Create New Volume” to “No”.

More at DreamHost Knowledgebase

@keyplyr, I followed your instructions and they resulted in @BeauS result of “Error: Unable to create snapshot”. I tried it with several varieties of names and had paused the instance before creating the snapshot.

Not my instructions, those are the steps outlined in the DreamHost Knowledge Base. Maybe you can find a better answer there. I supplied the link above.

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