Error Payment

I don’t speak english very well, sorry.
The question probably has been discussed many times, but I can’t undestand for languages problem.

I’ve tried to register to DreamHost, and I’ve insert a wrong credit card’s code. When I’ve triend to insert the right code, the system says me that the card was yet registered.
I’ve logged-in with my data and I’ve seen that I could delete my credit card data. So I’ve tried to pay with the data and it says the error.
At this point I’ve used another cfard and the system has redirected me to the main registration page.
I don’t know how to see if my payment has been taken or not.
In my control panel there is these informations:

Started: 2006-10-15
This Billing Cycle: 2006-10-15 thru 2006-11-14
You are rebilled on day 15 of each month (if you owe more than $9.23).
Balance: $0.00 [make payment]

Your Account Provides:

0 MB Disk (Grows 0 MB / week)
Used: 0 MB (NA% - Overage $.10/MB)
0 GB BW per Cycle (Grows 0 GB / week)
Used this Cycle: 0.0 GB (NA% - Overage: $0/GB)

This account has no hosting plans… add a plan to “open” i

I’ve made my payment or not? If a tried to make it again what will appen?

Thanks for replies

Credit Card payments may not happen fast, so don’t keep trying to pay.

Go to and click Support -> Contact Support. At the bottom is Submit Support Request. Select: Category: Account Status - Payment Error and tell them what happened. They should be able to help.


I’ve written to support. :slight_smile: