Error my script


I have one script that he functions
normally with me already makes some
time, when I placed it for the server I
filled the fields and when click in
installing the screen if he brings up to
date not giving to procedure the

What it can be? yours already will have
some user with problem the same? it can
be chmod?

Yours Truly,



There is definitely not enough information for us to go on here. Either a sample page or possibly a VERY short code extract (Not all 500 lines) would go a long way to helping us help you.

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Script already meets in my server and ready to be installed plus it it does not pass of this screen:

It fills the fields in case that it understands and click in “Instalar” the screen simply is modernized, I already I installed this script in other servers and functioned correctly!

Yours Truly,


That helped a lot. Going to your home page I found some error messages that tell us a lot about what’s going on.

This error message:

tells us that your scripts are trying to use unsupported options at Dreamhost. This is understandable as many servers allow these dangerous actions, but DH would rather disable the dangerous - especially when work arounds are available.

The wiki has this to say about “allow_url_fopen” (and why it’s disabled on DH servers:

Now, I know we haven’t addressed your specific problem, but we have certainly determined that a bit of work is going to have be done to correct these issues. The php options that it this script is using are older and may be difficult to work around especially since development of mznews has been discontinued almost three years ago.

You might need to contact users/developers through sourceforge at but it is looking pretty dead.

I don’t want to fill in the install form since, if it worked, it would create your admin user. I am assuming it fails with an error. Could you show the error to us? (I’m not a big php guy, but there are some here and they’ll jump in and correct me soon).

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Hi Wholly!

So that you it can understand the problem that this happening you must try to install script… it is calm that the page will go to modernize itself does not know because more it goes. I only wanted to understand because this happens, I made everything what I make in other servers alone I wanted to know if some thing exists that I can make to arrange this “error”

I placed the two versions of mznews in my same server and the two give the problem.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

use dreamhost the little time will be that I must modify something in the panel?

If you to obtain to install, please it teaches to me :wink:

Really very strange!

Yours Truly,

What you might try is changing the version of PHP used to serve your site. DH supports both PHP4 and PHP5 and there are some different security settings between them.

I really am getting out of my depth here, I hope one of our more knowledgeable php guys shows up soon.

(This is a customer to customer forum, almost none of us work for dreamhost)

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