Error message from MediaWiki: Exception caught inside exception handler



I am running a MediaWiki site that I created via a 1-click install at DreamHost. A few days ago, suddenly, when I type in the Wiki URL, I receive this error message:

MediaWiki internal error.
Exception caught inside exception handler

I’ve never tried to fix a Wiki. This seems like a configuration error. Can anyone let me know how to fix this?

Thanks so much,


I had the same problem – a 1-click install site, running for ~ 9 months. Suddenly got this error, and found the mysql database associated with the wiki had no tables.

No idea how this happened or how to fix it, am starting to rebuild from scratch.

Please let me know if you get any helpful replies



I am having the same problem and haven’t been able to fix it yet.


MediaWiki says it’s a SQL error. Generally I find MediaWiki to be more … sensitive when it comes to any SQL upgrades or changes.

Check your DB. If the tables are there, you may just need to repair via phpMyAdmin.