Error in goldmine email

Hi, my email is set up in goldmine. It has worked up until a few weeks ago. It works fine in outlook, etc.

the error I am getting is “A protocol ERROR occurred in logging in or retrieving messages: -ERR login failed.”

I can only find three instances of this error using google. Does anyone else use goldmine’s email? Can you receive emails?

One other thing…the domain to this email is mirroring another domain. The other domain’s email mx and A records are at set up for an outside email service. I don’t think it is a problem as the mx and A records for this domain are still using dreamhost’s setup. But, it seems to have happened right around when we switched to an outside email service.

Any help in identifying this problem is GREATLY appreciated…

What makes you think it’s on Goldmine? It’s not the same as your webserver. But, obviously, there’s still a problem somewhere.

The mirroring part makes it tricky, and I think someone else was having difficulty getting it to work.