Error: http error

I’m a newbie to DreamObjects.

I’ve created a new user and a bucket and the CDN button is green. Ready to go, but when I try to upload a file (a small .jpg) I get the error: ERROR: HTTP ERROR

I’ve tried using both Chrome and Firefox but still no love.



Hey Kerry,

I’m not having any issues when I test it out. I’m assuming you’re uploading through the DreamHost control panel.

If you’re not uploading via the control panel, make sure you’ve got the correct endpoint configured - and not the CDN URL. Also double-check the credentials if you’re not uploading through the control panel.

If you’re still having trouble, create a support ticket with some more details and we’ll help you figure it out.


Thanks Justin,

I think I’ve found the crux of the problem.

I was trying to upload from a WinXP machine and this may be the problem. I tried again, except this time uploading from a Win10 machine and it worked!



Glad to hear it! We’ll investigate the issue on Win XP.