Error hosting plant

I previously had this play with dreamhost for a low price of about 5 dollars but before that i cancel it and got my money back. I then disabled my account and canceled payments through paypal. This happened 3 months ago. After some investigation today I found out that my account was reactivated a month ago and that a plan called happy hosting was added for a vps. I did not authorized any of this and did not bother to check as i though i finished everything 3 months ago, clearly not. Now they have charged me about $375 which I’m not paying as I couldn’t afford any of this would be like 600nzd and I have a life to live. Please help me I didn’t authorize it and will not be paying.

Hi login to your paypal account and check the automated payment activity section. deactivate dreamhost automated payment & contact a customer support who can help you to deactivate your hosting and give you refund because its unauthorized activity from your paypal account.

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