Error: Got error 28 from storage engine

Any one getting this error today?

I’m getting it also. I sent a support ticket in about it so we’ll see when it gets fixed.

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And me - 2 of my hosted Wordpress blogs are currently hosed and returning this error (plus)

Since I can’t access which is for when “If those are down, something bad is afoot” I guess something really bad is afoot.

Strangely, I can access the individual blog entries via their permalinks, but not via the front page and normal navigation methods. shrugs

Now unhosed. Being a Sunday and still early hours (I think) where the servers are, I tend to assume server main/upgrades in this sort of scenario, and give it a wee while.

Sometimes reassuring to see the “me too’s” - and it is enough to save me hassling support too!

I read it somewhere that restarting mySQL server will fix the problem. i think this must be done by someone out there in dreamhost. lets hope the issue be resolved asap!

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Actually the problem was (and confirmed by my support response) was that the db server actually had filled up. He said they got it down to 80% capacity and are working with the admins on a permanent solution.

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