Error Establishing Database Connection

Yes, that old chestnut.

I’m a complete and serious Luddite and have spent at least 16 hours trying to sort this. So far I’ve established it’s my own fault–I changed a password in only one place (?) Since then, mostly with the help of mr google, I’ve found wp-config.php file, opened it in ‘code writer’ for windows 8, changed the password, saved it, but now what?

I feel a bit like a monkey that’s been handed a paintbrush with the instructions to paint the Sisteen Chapel.

Any pointers?

Thanks in advance.
The monkey wins!! I’ve sorted it all by myself!!

That should be about all you need to do. PHP files are just text files. Change the database user password in the file to match the change you made in the panel. CSS is what makes text files into Sistine Chapels, and they are text files too.