Error Establishing Database Connection

I used FTP (FileZilla) to transfer my WordPress installation and files over to DH hosting from GoDaddy - then today I realized that the domain was still with GoDaddy. (Originally I thought that the free domain transfer meant that it happened automatically. Today I found out that I had to manually do it, though it was still free!)

So I manually transferred my domain - - and the site is no longer on GoDaddy servers. When I went to the site, I got “Error establishing a database connection.” I went to I found out that I WAS able to get in via Chrome. Then about 10 minutes later, was “not found” and never gets a response - Chrome keeps “sending request…”

I am not a power user at all when it comes to back-end stuff, just a musician and a writer with a DIY site. If anyone can help explain this error to me and/or get it resolved, I’d appreciate it!

We just had a power outage in our Irvine data center, which is where your site is hosted. Power’s been restored and we’re booting everything up right now, so your site should be back online shortly.

For details, see

Thanks for your response! I’ll be keeping an eye on the status.

Did someone siphon all the fuel from the backup generators? :smiley:

The data center does have backup power, but, for some reason, it did not come online during this outage. As soon as we’ve got things back up, we’ll be pushing the facility hard for an explanation of what went wrong here.

Aren’t these backups tested regularly for integrity in the event they are needed in an emergency?

Oh, sorry, wrong thread. :smiley:

Ok, the status now says “RESOLVED” but I still get the same error when connecting to my site. Either it’s not completely resolved, or my site has a separate issue. Can someone help me determine what’s going on?

Good point.

Same error meaning gives me “Error Establishing Database Connection” - I am able to get into ftp via my browser.

This means that your hostname, username, password or database name is wrong in (making an assumption) wp-config. Generally when people get his error is when they change their MySQL password in the panel and don’t realize it has to be change elsewhere as well.

The second reason you could get this is if your database server is actually not responding, but that’s something dreamhost should know before you and if there is a hardware problem you should see a notice when you log into the panel.

Hey Bobby!

I took a look in your panel, and it looks like you don’t have any MySQL databases set up with us yet! Maybe you forgot to upload that part when you manually transferred your site over to us? Either way, you’ll want to make a new database from our panel first and follow that.

Then you’ll need to update your database name, hostname, user, and password in your wp-config.php file manually once the database has been migrated. :slight_smile:

Hey Elle! Thanks for your response. My computer died, and I didn’t have access to one for a few weeks, so I’m only getting back to this issue now.

I made a new database from the panel and am not sure where to go from here. I don’t have access to my old hosting anymore. (I transferred everything over via FTP so I don’t understand how the database could have been missing in the first place.) What do I need to do (if anything) with my new database, or with the wp-config file?


Hey Bobby!

I went ahead and did some poking around, and your site is good again! You just need to do a fresh WordPress install. Will be emailing you shortly with more details.


Elle, thanks for your email and help on restoring my site. That was really great of you.

However, since then - despite the fact that there is no error - my WordPress dashboard is COMPLETELY blank. There are no navigation options, no options to install themes, nothing.

I tried emailing support back and got a lackluster (and late) response from someone else. All I want is my WordPress back functioning normally. It’s frustrating enough that I lost all my content and to have my site still not working correctly really sucks.

Hi Bobby!

I had one of our techs take a look at your WordPress and he replied to your email recently. :slight_smile: It seems there was a problem with your WordPress theme. I hope that helps! Please don’t hesitate to reply to that email if you still have any trouble with your site. Thanks so much!

I received the same error as Bobby. I did not migrate a website, just setting up a website for the first time. I am a little lost at this point. Can someone help?

Got it to work.