Error establishing database connection

I was trying to update my WordPress install and I think I may have messed something up. I downloaded my files for my website via FTP, and then logged on to Dreamhost’s web panel. I clicked on the “Backup your account” tab on the left and asked it to backup my account that way as well. As I was looking at my MYSQL database, I noticed a first user other than myself that was just jumbled letters (Don’t know if this was a default name set up by Dreamhost, or something else). Since I didn’t recognize it, I edited the user, taking away all privileges and creating a new password for the user. There is one more person who has access to the website back end and I figured if it was them, they’s approach me and let me know I had cut off their access to the site. After doing that, I went to the WordPress side of my website and tried to update to the latest build of WordPress. As soon as I clicked on “Update”, my website was no longer accessible, and I started getting an error message: “Error establishing database connection”

I went back to the web pannel in Dreamhost and tried to restore an automatic backup from a day ago, hoping this would be an easy fix, but a couple of hours later, I still have the same error message.

Check your wp-config file and see what userid and pass are there. That’s used by wp to log in to the database. I suspect password problems. You may need to update the wp-config password.

Thank you!!! That was it. Stress levels back to normal.