Error establishing a database connection

I bought 2 domains and hosting with Dreamhost in July but haven’t done anything with the sites due to time except for install Wordpress. I received an email last month stating Wordpress has automatically updated on both domains. This morning I was able to pull up one domain home page, but not the other. And now both of them give me the ‘Error establishing a database connection’.

Any idea of what could be wrong? Should I uninstall and reinstall Wordpress?

Thank you for any help.

It sounds like you may have just needed to update your wp-config.php files for the domains. I can load the two domains on your account without error. :slight_smile: If you’re still having any issues, feel free to contact our support team directly:


I Have 2 domains in DH, and in the past 4 days I´ve been experiencing the same problem:

‘Error establishing a database connection’

From Monday to Thursday it always came with this error, now, sometimes the sites open, but when it happens - it´s very, very Slow !
What´s happening?
Help on this, because my websites are my work, my business, this way I´m loosing clients by the time being and can´t work like this.


Have you opened a ticket with support? I think you should. I suspect there is a server and/or apache problem.

I clicked your first link, and the site did eventually load correctly, but it took way too long, over 60 seconds.

Your second link must have a typo because that domain doesn’t seem to exist.