Error establishing a database connection

hello! My website which is a wordpress blog is not loading and I get this error “Error establishing a database connection” I can’t even access the blog admin page, can anyone help?

Did you change the MySQL password? That’s usually why this suddenly happens on a site that was working. To fix you need to edit your wp-config file and insert the new password.

Looks like your SQL database is having problems. Please open a ticket and tell them that it’s not reachable and you’re getting this error when you try to access PHPMyAdmin:

#2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading initial communication packet’, system error: 111

(BTW, If you’re 100% sure you have the password right, always see what happens if you log in to PHPMyAdmin. it can be enlightening :slight_smile: )

nope, no passwords have been changed

As Ipstenu mentioned, there seems to be an issue with your MySQL server. I noticed you haven’t submitted a ticket yet, but I’m working with our server admins to look into this for you. I’ll update you when I have more info! Thanks for being patient.
Our admins have identified a specific issue with your MySQL server, and are working hard on fixing the issue now. I’ve emailed you, so you can reply there directly if you are still seeing errors. Thanks!