Error establishing a database connection

I am getting a “Error establishing a database connection” on both my sites. Is anybody else suffering right now or is it just me?

Honestly, this sucks!

My site is down also, but I don’t know if it’s a db issue or not. Everything was fine early this morning, but now it’s not.

I also can’t login to my cpanel.

Put in a trouble ticket - if this is wordpress it means that you mysql server is having trouble.

It works now. Hope your stuff is online again as well.

Good news for your site :slight_smile:

Mine is still down. I can’t even hit a basic a.html page. Sent a ticket.

Edit: Site is up.

Two possible reasons —

  1. If you’ve upgraded from PHP 5.3 to 5.4 and have created the database a long time ago, it’s likely that the old password doesn’t work any longer (PHP 5.4 accesses MySQL passwords differently, in a more secure way). Just go to the control panel and change the MySQL password for the database (you can force the change to the very same password, that should be enough). This baffled me for months!
  2. There is an ongoing DDoS attack on WordPress sites.

I had found the solutions on the web…this can be happen because of so many reasons…you can check out the solutions below…

When sites that were already functioning receive that error it is an indication of a local network or MySQL server issue.