Error establishing a database connection


The same error message shows up on all of my blog sites ( and

Those blogs have run for almost 2 years and this is the first time I met such kind of problem. Could you please help me to check?


I’m actually having the same problem on my website I think something is wrong on dreamhost’s side. And since they disabled live chat support, I have to wait until they reply me on support ticket. Nothing on about this yet so I have no clue what’s going on.


All of these blogs are still showing the error. singlet, your errors are in Chinese. Are you running your own dedicated server at DH?

Have either of your checked to see if your files and databases are still there/ok?

Definitely open up tickets.


The error message is "Error establishing a database connection"
I couldn’t connect to the MySQL Server by “phpMyAdmin”.
I just opened up tickets. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.


I can access FTP just fine but just MySql is down I think. And same thing with singlet, I too can’t connect MySQL by phpMyAdmin. Just got status update but it says they were unable to verify any server-wide problem related to the outage I’m experiencing. Guess we have to wait for support ticket response.



We are experiencing issues with the smoothhound mysql server. The issue appears to be hardware related and the admins are investigating the cause for it not to boot up properly. We have staff at the datacenter checking on it at this moment. When we have further information about the status of the server, we will update this post.

This incident is only related to the shared mysql server ‘smoothhound’, and no other servers or services (such as MySQL or email) are affected.

Thank you for your patience!

singlet, you should go check and see your database is on smoothhound.


Thanks for the update. I got the same error message. Guess there is nothing we can do now.