Error establishing a database connection


My site is down and I’m getting an error message. How can I find out if my server is down and when it will be restored?


Single server status messages are now posted in the panel we understand. If you have not done so already you should also open a ticket with support.


i have opened tickets and no response. this has been going on for hours. why no postings on

our websites are 100% down and you dont seem to give a crap.

definitely moving now. its been the same old story for years. sucks


Axactly how long are you waiting for a response and what priority are you setting your tickets at?


Over an hour and a half no reply. Then suddenly website start working THEN they magically reply to my tickets saying there was no outage and we can’t detect an issue with your account and close them.

Real professional.


Well, I’ve never had any major issues… and 90 mins is more than reasonable…

Did you do any checking yourself?

Have you considered perhaps checking your site regularly with Pingdom?
It might have merely been an issue somewhere along the line unrelated to dreamhost themselves.