"Error establishing a database connection"


I have not touched my website, database, or anything else pertaining to my blog for several days. Then, when I visited my website this morning, this message appeared:

“Error establishing a database connection”

After Googling this issue, it sounds like it has to be on Dreamhost’s end because I had not touched anything pertaining to my website. It just happened overnight.

So, anyone else experiencing this problem? Or is it just me? I already submitted a support ticket, but I was hoping I might find out more about this problem in the forums in the meantime.

ETA: My site is jkoyanagi.com, for reference.


I installed Word Press today. It worked fine and the site was up and running (http://social-learning-strategies.com). I ftp’d a theme (from Elegant Themes) and then started getting the message “Error establishing a database connection”. I can’t see how the two are linked…

I googled the error message and have found several people who said that their site eventually came back without them doing anything.

Let’s see…