Error Establishing a Database Connection - not wp-config.php

Hi all,

Working on securing a new WordPress site on Dreamhost. Did the one-click install for WP. Had created a MySQL database before the one-click install. Everything installed fine. We changed table prefixes to not include wp_ and also changed wp_user_roles in the options table and wp_capabilities and wp_user_level in the usermeta table to match. There were a couple of other items in the usermeta table that we changed to match the naming convention.

We changed all our information in wp-config.php to match the new table prefixes. The admin username and password in wp-config.php is correct.

Yet, we are still getting a “Error Eatablishing A Database Connection.”

We’ve looked and looked in the database itself, in the wp-config.php file, and anywhere else we could think of, but the server info, database info, table prefix info, and login/password info are all correct.

When we go to our site,, we get a “One or more database tables are unavailable. The database may need to be repaired.” We click on the word “repair” in that error and it gives us database repair option code for wp-config, but it doesn’t work. We added it and clicked to repair, but it just loops back to a Please try again error.

Any suggestions would be great. We’re trying to avoid reinstalling WordPress with another new database, but we don’t have any data in there yet, so we can if we have to. (Ugh.)


Thank you!

there’s a table prefix in the config file. DH adds a few random characters to this to prevent sql attackers from guessing the table names. you’ll probably need to change it if you’ve messed around with table names and deleted the prefixes which DH added.