Error establishing a database connection from cPanel import


I successfully moved all the files from my old host to dreamhost via the cPanel import tool…I then set up a subdomain to view the site before I make the dns change…it looks like dreamhost changed the mysql db pwd so I changed that in my wp-config.php file…still getting:

Error establishing a database connection


Do I need to change the mysql pwd anywhere else? or does it take time to propagate?


OK, you need to change the settings for SQL host in your script’s config page, and verify username and password. cPanel will use “localhost” for MySQL hostname, whereas DreamHost will use one that is similar to the following: or something similar. You can confirm the hostname in the DH control panel.


Thanks!!!that worked.


Glad to hear it. There’s really no way for a general-purpose import utility to figure that out, actually, since someone’s account may have a number of domains and MySQL hostnames.

Maybe they should be providing a little more instruction on that.