Error enabling jetpack plugin

When I try To enable all of the Jetpack by connecting my website to I get the following error:

Jetpack could not contact register_http_request_failed. This usually means something is incorrectly configured on your web host. Operation timed out after 15007 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

Please advise. Thanks!

I need to ask them to change that error, since it’s not ‘usually’ something wrong with the host, but something wrong with the communication between your site and WPCOM… though I guess the semantics are lost.

Possible causes:

  • Temporary internet routing issues
  • Your domain is blocked from WPCOM

Do you have a ticket for this? I can take a look and trace it with the Jetpack blokes.

No ticket yet…wasn’t sure how to categorize this…

Thanks for checking for me.

Yeah that can be tricky. Pick one-click advanced downtime, and choose ‘WordPress’ - It’s close enough :slight_smile:

ticket tracking # is 6030028

This is a ridiculous issue. Tell JetPack to less Nazi and get back to “just works” :slight_smile:

Found the ticket. I don’t see a reply from you, but since this is generally good advice, you should install the jetpack compatibility test (it’s their troubleshooter):

  1. Download the plugin from
  2. Upload the plugin to your site via Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New.
  3. Activate the plugin and go to Plugins -> Jetpack Compatibility Test.
  4. Click the “Select All” button.
  5. Send us the results of the tests in your ticket
  6. Sent JETPACK the results of the tests via this contact form:

That attacks it from both ends, since sometimes the problem is the road between us and Jetpack.

Looks like everything works now. Not sure what the problem was. Thanks!

The connection between us and Jetpack. If it helps, it’s like when you fly from LA to New York. If you don’t get a direct flight, you stop in Denver or Dallas or Chicago. And if there’s a storm, you get delayed. Sometimes the flight is canceled. When data flys across the 'net it’s the same thing. Sometimes there’s a problem in the middle. This sort of thing used to be way more common. Kinda glad it’s not now!