Error DNS

My domains: and
are not showing on the internet

Or it could be something else that has my website not showing on the internet. Wordpress came on for a few minutes yesterday and went off again without any interference.
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Philip should be available. It is now configured in the nameservers for dreamhost.

Your other domain, is not. You changed the nameservers in the registry to point to dreamhost but dreamhost has not put your domain in their nameservers, or they did and you just need to wait the 24 hours for the nameserver update.

There is a button on the dreamhost control panel to force the update to occur within the next 4 hour window. You get to do that once every 24 hours.

Make sure that you DNS tables lists an IP address for the items. It should show something like:

   A   xx.xx.xx.xx
  MX  0 some-mailer-address-here.
mailboxes  A  xx.xx.xx.xx
www.mailboxes  A  xx.xx.xx.xx
mysql  A  xx.xx.xx.xx
ssh  A  xx.xx.xx.xx
webmail  A  xx.xx.xx.xx
www.webmail  A  xx.xx.xx.xx
www  A   xx.xx.xx.xx

(The “xx.xx.xx.xx” will be an IP address. The some-mailer-address-here will be a name. These values may vary depending upon your server’s address.)

The important ones are probably the “www” and the blank entries. The one that says “www” will service the name The other important one has no name. It just starts with the “A” (address) entry and is sometimes represented as a single “@”. This is the one that maps the name “” to an address. It is not in the current nameservers. This is the item that is missing. Therefore, while you can get to the nameserver as the ICANN is configured correctly, the nameservers don’t recognize the name.

Either wait for the DNS to update or force the update or write a request to the support people. But, this is not really an issue for the forum. It is best handled by a support ticket that you create.

Create a support ticket. You are missing the “A” record in the nameservers for your domain,

The addresses should work now as they are properly configured for the nameservers and ICANN.

The A record host on had been an old one from India for You may have to follow same procedure as and configured the nameservers and ICANN. My website are still as the same.

The ICANN entries are the “whois”. They represent the domain name, not the address. In the domain registration are the nameservers. The nameservers translate the names to addresses. You can leave the domain registration alone, at whereever it is, and not bother with ICANN. Just update the nameservers to point to dreamhost. You did that with (I did not check the uk address.)

Then, the namservers at dreamhost need to be correct. They need to support the domain name since they will be getting requests for translations. This typically takes a domain entry record in the nameserver tables for your domain. That is missing. It will remain missing until you specify the domain name in the “manage domains” panel on the control panel. If you have it there then you will need support to deal with the issues. If it is not there then by all means, add it. It will then take a few hours for the nameserver changes to go through the system.

Once the domains are defined then you may, if you wish, transfer the domain registration to dreamhosts’ registrar. That is a totally separate issue. If you want to do that it will make updating the registrar information much easier, but make absolutely sure that you follow the instructions exactly. One thing that they don’t tell you is that you must make certain that the owner of the domain can receive email FROM DREAMHOST. It seems that DreamHost’s email system is on a few blacklists and some email providers don’t accept email from dreamhost. If you can’t send email from dreamhost then you need to first move the owner’s email address to an address that Dreamhost will be able to send email to. The domain owner will get two emails. The first one is from Dreamhost. You must click on the link that they give you. The second comes from the ICANN. Do not click on the link on the second message unless you wish to cancel the transfer.

As to the address record, …

I could only see that there was an address record, not that it was the correct one. I did not bother with the PTR lookup.

So, if the domain is in the control panel has a domain for you to manage then, I say again that you need to Create A Support Ticket. It is on your control panel, down under “Support”. Support will have to help you. Leaving messages here won’t really get you their help. They monitor their ticket queue, not this forum.