Error: Could Not Open Socket - Recaptcha Stopped Working


I’m surprised no one else has asked about this yet, but Recaptcha has not worked on any of my websites in well over the last 36 hours, meaning no one can sign up to become a member. As far as I know, this started right around the same time as the emergency maintenance the other day.

When people sign up, they get an error: “Could Not Open Socket”, which is originating from a PHP fsockopen() function within a library file (line 80) for:

I submitted a support ticket over 24 hours ago. Let me know if there is a solution to this.


Hi there!

I have your ticket and am consulting with a couple techs about this. I’ll be sending you an email shortly. Thanks for your patience!

Greetings DH_Elle S,

Thanks for taking a look at this, I greatly appreciate your help going above and beyond, looking into the actual file and finding out what was wrong. I fixed it up as you suggested and it seems to be working now.

I’ll let you know if there is anymore trouble with this.

Kind regards

Awesome! I can’t take all the credit, but on behalf of our team, you’re very welcome :slight_smile: Yes, definitely reply to the email directly if you have any more trouble (so we can keep all your support history in one place), and we’ll be happy to help! :smiley:

Can you send me the solution as well? My recaptcha started throwing the socket error in the last week - I tried getting the latest recaptcha library, but that didn’t fix it.


Hi Sharon!

Can you submit a support ticket (via the Contact Support link in your panel) with some details for me? E.g. Your domain, when you get the socket error, etc. You can give me your message’s tracking number once you do, and I’ll look into it for you to make sure it’s the same solution I gave Peppy. That way we can more easily keep track of your support history too :slight_smile:

Hello Guys i am having the same problem ,can you send me this solution (as you did for Peppy) as well .My recaptcha throwing in i think the same error the last couple of days hope to hear from you soon i would appreciate this greatly.
i will post a support ticket as well