ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server


Mail seems to be having a big wobble today, well for the past few hours anyway.

Cannot access via webmail, after login you are presented with “ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server”. And trying to connect via an MUA times out too.

Nothing on the dreamhost status page, is anyone else having IMAP access issues?


Yes, it’s been down all morning for me as well. What’s worse, my site seems to be yo-yo-ing as well. I wouldn’t be upset at all except for the complete and total lack of information. My support request has been completely ignored (they’re likely swamped, so I’ll cut them some slack on that one) but they should update the status site with SOME information, like ETA on when it will be up. Even if it’s “Before 2009”.


oh good, glad it’s not just me.

It’s not actually affecting me as I don’t use them for mail but it is affecting my client on their system, so I’m not looking too good right now.

according to the panel it was reported by another user over 4 and a half hours ago. So, I guess the panel is more use than!

its 2:07 EST… I’m still having this issue… anyone have anything different to add? Its still not ack’ed on yet.

I haven’t heard anything yet and am still experiencing problems.


Yesterday only one e-mail was down and my coworker was able to send mail through squirrelmail and not through outlook but she received fine. I sent a callback request yesterday morning and got nothing. Now we can’t receive in outlook (sending works) or get into squirrelmail (same imap error). My boss is about to freak out on me.