Error connecting to server using Filezilla


I’ve been using Filezilla to transfer files to/from my site, but for some reason, it’s not working today. (The last I managed to use it successfully was 2 days ago).

The error message I received:
500 Sorry, no server available to handle request on

However, my site is still up and running fine. And from dreamhost panel, I tried clicking “connect via FTP” in the Manage user section, and no problem there either.

So not sure what went wrong?
Appreciate any help on this, thanks!


use your domain name as the server. your domain could have been moved to a different server, so you should always use your domain as the server name.


I’m pretty sure I am using the domain name…

I also tried using putty using the same host name, and no problem connecting either.


then you might try looking at your local computer. have you changed any firewall settings or installed new virus software?

also, have you disabled ftp access for that user? (you should… sftp, ssh, and scp are the only safe ways to connect)


This is what the message log screen looks like , in case it comes in handy…

Thanks for the help.[hr]
Sorry, I submitted the previous post before seeing your reply…

I didn’t change any firewall settings or installed any antivirus recently, and FTP access is enabled.

Looks like I might need to submit a support ticket after all


confirm that user actually has s/ftp access.


Sorry bobocat,
Just want to confirm…

Are you saying that from the info, you can confirm that this user has s/ftp access? Or is it that I need to confirm if this user has s/ftp access?


well, 500 error is a syntax error, but DH might be throwing that if the user is not allowed to s/ftp. check the user’s settings in the panel. if everything looks ok, then it’s probably something only Support can fix.


Got it!
Thanks very much again for taking the time to help :slight_smile: