Error conecting to MS access

Hi all,
I am new to dreamhost server need help connecting Mysql on dream host to MS access 2007.
I read the wiki but of no use sill getting error.
I m successfully able to login thru shell using tunnel method.
I installed ODBC drivers and checked Msjet.dll everything in place but still not able to connect ms access to MySql.

Any help is appreciated.

Have you whitelisted your remote IP address for that mysql user? Go here: in the panel, and click a user name to edit the user. Look for the box labeled “allowable hosts”. The default entry makes connection possible from any dreamhost machine. You will most likely need to add your local IP here.

but I already have my local IP in allowable host becoz of that only i am bale to make ssh connection to dreamhost Mysql db.
But while setting ODBC for ms access it does not recognize my dreamhost server

That was my stumbling block for a really long time.

Did you add the obdc driver as a data source via the windows control panel?

I didn’t bookmark the guide I used for some reason, but look at step 2 here: (yes i know this article is about Excel and not Access, but the same will apply.)

thnkx but i tried tat

After plugging in your credentials in the OBDC connector, there is a “test” button to test the connection. Do you get an error dialog when you press test? Googling that error message with and without the word dreamhost on the front may lead you to your solution. That’s what lead me to my solution with this.

You may also post that error message here, someone maybe able to recognize the problem more easily.