Error bad_httpd_conf for mirror site

I’m transferring an existing site to Dreamhost and am trying to follow the “seamless transfer” steps. I set up a subdomain at to mirror my site so I can check it before the DNS propagates from the old one. I entered my domain name as what should be mirrored. Is that right? I’m wanting to view the pages I uploaded to Dreamhost, not the old site.

When I try to view the subdomain I created, I get the bad_httpd_conf error message I see others have referred to here. It’s been over 5 hours since I set it up. Should I keep waiting? How do I know if I set it up correctly?

I would contact support (…at least tell us what your domain name is). It would probably fix itself in the long run, but it might need a little help…

Thanks, I opened a support ticket on it. My domain name is The problem is still there after 18 hours.

– C.J.

Well, the problem with the subdomain never did get fixed, but the DNS changes are happening now, so it’s become moot. I’ve closed the support ticket on it.

– C.J.