"error: already in our system"

i’m trying to redirect a domain registered elsewhere using Dreamhost’s DNS servers. i had done this before, but now I get this:
! Error!
You can’t add that domain: already in our system
I think i have to delete the previous record, but how?

having a similar issue, have you gotten any answers as to how to navigate this?

i’m working around by transferring the domain to dreamhost, hopefully that will solve it. but even that is problematic…

I’m having the same issue but the support is not helping me! They are treating me like I’m over taking the domain, what does not make ANY sense! I’m already sent them every prove and explanation about the situation!

I’m getting mad with DH about this. I need to register this domain ASAP and I’m going somewhere else to to this, because DH does not believe a 3 year customer!