Error 500- Internal Server Error

Hi. I’ve been on Dreamhost with basically no problems for about a year. Now, two days in the last two weeks, every page on my site has an Internal Server Error (Error 500). I’ve put in a ticket this morning. Last time Support told me it may have been an Apache problem which resolved itself.

Anyone else having problems? Any suggestions? Is this most likely DH or my site?

I run an online store( have fun reading the Error messages) and any downtime during the holiday season is really bad for us.

Dreamhost is moving the site to another Apache server. Fingers crossed.

I have this problem too on my WordPress blog.
But it will always back to normal after a few minutes.

I’m still not happy with it because it always happen and sent in a few complaints to the support team, but no action is taken.

They just say nothing is wrong, and contact them next time if I saw this error again. Sigh!

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I’ve been getting this lately too. It first started when I accidentally corrupted my custom install of PHP5. I was able to fall back on DH’s install of PHP, but I am getting error 500 all over the place now. Unfortunately I am also unable to re-install PHP5, but I have a ticket open with them about that.

Thanks for the suggestion. Well, Dreamhost went ahead and changed Apache servers for us, and now our site is completely broken. Like, I’m not even getting Internal Server Errors anymore, it just says “Site Temporarily Unavailable.” I can’t find anything on Dreamhoststatus, so I’m guessing this is due to the Apache server change.

I am very unhappy about this. We have customers contacting us who are trying to order and can’t. Considering the Christmas season is 1 month long, and every customer who visits and finds it broken probably ain’t coming back, this is very very bad.

To quote seiler from an old post: