Error 413 for 1.7 MB POST request to Python script

So I’m running an online experiment where the user generates about 1.7 MB of data over the course of a few minutes, and I’d like to send it via POST request (via ajax) all at once to a simple Python script on my Dreamhost server. However, I get a 413 (Request Entity Too Large) error when I do so. <2 MB of data doesn’t seem like a lot to expect a client to upload, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Changing various properties of .htaccess, such as LimitRequestBody and SSLRenegBufferSize does not help. The Python script to save the data makes use of the cgitb library to handle the form data, and I know that it works with smaller amounts of data. How can I fix this issue?

Figured it out: disable “extra web security” in the web panel. Apparently that setting has the undocumented side effect of limiting your POST requests to 1 MB or less (or some figure in that ballpark).

“Error 413 for 1.7 MB POST request to Python script” hope you find the solution if you didn’t then directly contact them by cpanel. thanks

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