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I just got a new domain with google. I have dreamhost hosting my new domain. It says it is active so I went to install wordpress with the one click install and it says it was successful. I received an email with a few instructions on how to finish setting up wordpress on the site. I clicked on the link (which is my site) and it says error 404. I registered the domain and everything yesterday so I thought I was good to go. Is there something else I am doing wrong. With my other sites I have always bought them through dreamhost then transferred them out but this time I did it the other way around. It just seems like there is something missing with the process. Like it never verified that I actually own the site. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
The error code says… The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know.


The domain is currently using GoDaddy
Name servers. I’ll have to ask that you contact GoDaddy and have them
change the name servers for the domain to be:

Which will point the domain to the WordPress installation on your
DreamHost account. The changes require DNS to propagate throughout the
internet which can take up to 48 hours (usually less). You may have to
flush the DNS and clear cache on your computer for the site to come up on
your end. Instructions can be found here:

If there is anything else please contact our Support Team here:


thanks that was perfect it is all working now! One other question. The one click install I downloaded into random folders seemed to have worked but my main page I keep getting a message saying it cannot install wordpress because the directory was not empty. I should be able to install wordpress to without having to install it to /home or something right? When you go to the site is says there is a placeholder. How do I get rid of the placeholder so I can install wordpress? Thanks in advance for the help.