Error 404 Page not found?

I uploaded files to my domain, but when you type in the address, the page still cannot be found - I get the 404 error. Also, when I log onto Dreamhost and try to upload files using the “upload to site” link, the window that opens shows that the ftp site is empty… until I click the link again and then it displays all the files. It’s just generally acting weird and I can’t get anything to display on my domain. Anyone have any suggestions?

I put the files in the domain directory - the same as I’ve done for another domain that I manage. But this one just isn’t cooperating - half the time when I log in to the ftp site it doesnt display anything that’s on the site - not even the directory. The domain is

Thanks for your help!

As others have suggested, you just didn’t have stuff in the right directory. I moved your files over for you.

Works now.