Error 1064 during SQL import


I’m attempting to migrate a forum database from its previous DH account to a new one. Everything’s been going smoothly, and the backup file is currently uploaded to my home directory.

Following the steps given here, things seem to start working, when:

From what I’ve gleaned so far, it has something to do with quote marks not being liked by mysql, but given that I know absolutely nothing about SQL, I’m at a loss on how to fix the issue. I’ll have no problem with step-by-step instructions, but I’d need any tools explained to me.

Sorry about the hassle, and thanks in advance!


Well I can tell you right now I had a similar problem. The cause was due to the my old board using a mysql4 database and the new databases now are mysql5 and some of the syntax is not compatible. I don’t know if there is some sort of program that would convert your sql file from 4 to 5. I had to import the tables manually after comparing a fresh installed board on mysql5 to see how the syntax had changed. It took some time.


It’s a 160MB uncompressed .sql file, so I imagine trying to manually import everything would take more than a little time (and add more thanks to my inexperience). The board was originally created just under two years ago, so that might be the problem?[hr]
Addendum: looks like the entire db wasn’t dumped, so parts were cut off. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what’s causing the error, so we’re looking into that.