Error 1062

plz help to get rid out of this problem. i have an database of articles in 381 mb file. i upload it into my root directory and give the command
mysql -h -uusername -ppassword newdbname < outfile.sql

but it showing me following error
ERROR 1062 (23000) at line 53: Duplicate entry ‘176097’ for key 1

what should i do now. i am running already article site and some one give me this database of articles. i want to use this database for my already running article site.

plz i need ur help.

plz help me

What software are you running?

It sounds to me that you already have a fully running site with a database. Now you’re trying to import what may be a completely separate database, which will conflict with what you already have.

Anyhow, without knowing what software you’re running, it’s difficult to tell what happened. Just post what software you’re running, and how this other SQL file was created.


This error 1062 is due to one of the following two reasons:
Either in your SQL file one of the ID value (auto_increment) is negative
Or you have an ID value that’s larger than the maximum integer value possible.

Since your file is more than 300Mb and the max file size is limited to Max: 10,240KiB (via phpmyadmin at least), a possible solution could be to split the file and try to see if eventually there is a negative value somewhere (do a search :)) Also a large file could eventually overload the sql server.

I advise you to have a look at this link to try to understand more your problem: this article here is interesting also (read the comments)

Hope this help,

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hi, i am running articlelive NX on my site. plz tell me how i can run this database along with already i have. thanks

thnaks mkhad, i am working on ur reply. hope it will work. thanks for reply

You are welcome vivekwig. Hope this will work for you.

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