ERROR 1045 (28000) only when selecting "INTO OUTFILE"


I haven’t had any problems logging into - or running scripts against - multiple databases on multiple servers.

That is, until I tried:

mysql> select state from state into outfile 'mikestatelist'; ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'essnadmin'@'' (using password: YES)

The query works fine without the ‘into outfile’ clause.

Any ideas?


INTO OUTFILE isn’t available with our configuration, as MySQL databases are hosted on separate servers which you don’t have direct access to. You’ll need to use an alternate solution, such as mysqldump.




mysqldump doesn’t allow me to export data in an easily readable format for clients as I would be able to do with INTO OUTFILE. Is there another workaround or can access be given? This is a bit of a showstopper for me with my clients. A powerful feature of MySQL has been removed making it really, really, difficult for me to share data. And, I just wasted a couple hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t run a command that I told my client I could do in 5 minutes. Please help me find a reasonable solution.


INTO OUTFILE stores the results on MySQL server but you don’t have access to MySQL server on a shared server.

You can run mysqldump but manually format the results using sed

I’m not sure what format you are after but have you tried to export the data using PHPMyAdmin?