Err, what the credit?

On the rewards page of course it says we get credit for people who click our links before signup, etc. But what exactly is the “credit”? I just posted notes to my old host forum and in my blog to tell people how happy we are with DH, and just for the heck of it I put a link to DH with our account number as the referral code. But what do we get for it?

I was going to create a custom promotional code but then saw it offered discounts to new accounts. I’m not motivated to give other people discounts, though I’m happy to refer them to DH. The discounts come out of our own $97 credit for the referral. I’m not greedy or anything but if I give referrals I don’t want 10 new DH customers to drain my credit down to nothing. I think more than a few people/companies might rehost to DH because of my referrals, so I’m also not inclined to go for a one-time $97 credit.

So what am I missing that may or may not be in the rewards page? What do we get when some number of new customers sign up? A thank you and a promise that new code won’t break our site next time? :wink:


You get either $97 or 10% of revenue from anyone who signs up for a Dreamhost hosting account based on a referral from you. You get that each time someone signs up. It’s not a one time thing.

The discount comes off of the $97 you get for each signup. So if you create a $50 discount code and people sign up for their new accounts using that code, you’d get $47 for each signup.

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Uh, duh, OK, I get it now. I’ll stick with 10% of recurring revenue. Ten of those and my site is paid for every year they hang around. YMMV


Yeah, it takes a little while to get used to but after a few referrals, your hosting bill goes way down.

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The one thing to watch out for is if you set a code with a cash discount you don’t get the 10% it automatically changes to the $97 from which the discount is deducted. You can only get the 10% if someone uses a code with zero discount which is probably less likely than one with a discount.

You still get the 5% of any second referrals though no matter what if thats what you set…

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Are you sure about that?

It is my understanding that if you offer a cash discount, then the rewards for that promo code are changed to a “one time” setup *for that promo code", and that you would then get a “one time” $5.00 for a secondary referral for anything derived from that promo code … though I might have misunderstood something. :wink:


Well I only have one $5 referral, no 10% referrals and a load of onetime $97 refs and 5% refs so the type of reward for the first referral does not determine the future secondary ones.

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Hmmmm thanks for sharing that! That is interesting. :slight_smile: