Erased directory by mistake!


yesterday I was tired-dead and I was cleaning up my $HOME through SSH, which is a deadly combination, and I actually did the oldest and dumbest mistake using the “rm -rf conv*”, I erased my personal blogs directory…

The posts and pages are located in the database so it’s not a problem. The problem is the wp-content/ folder with the plugins and the uploaded pictures.

Of course I did not setup a backup mechanism otherwise I wouldn’t be here whining.

I have heard though that dreamhost keeps automatic backups of it’s servers. Is there any way to request an couple of days old backup for my home directory?


Yes. Contact Support right away and they can get you a backup.

You can also do your own restore and have it restore your domain directory to and then fish out the files you need.

Thank you all, I resolved this problem now another one came up, but I’ll try to resolve that as well!


i erased a directory too, but unfortunately for me dreamhost didn’t have a backup available. it was less than three weeks old.

So now I’m reasearching backup plans and there seems to be so many choices… wouuld be nice to have a cron script that scp directores to a another server… im on mac and looking into mobileme, but its 100 bucks a year

Dropbox is Free for 2 Gigs.

Personally, I rsync my sites down to my Mac and I have Time Machine at home saving to an external drive that I swap out from time to time and keep the spare drive at work.