Er, oops (QT streaming + $$ = ?)

Not a customer but two hours and I’ve already confused myself. Imagine what I’ll do in three…

Wanted to see how much QT streaming would cost to add to my new acct. So I went over there in my control panel and clicked the QT info and DH didn’t tell me. So I went ahead and added QT, figuring /then/ that DH would tell me. Instead it added QT streaming to my acct. It would appear QT is free!

Given that I’m not going to add QT content for some time, ought I remove the service from my account, like to free up system resources or something fancy like that?

thanks a bunch,
– bongo

QT streaming is included in all plans.

No need to deactivate it.

Wow. I mean, WOW.

This place is great!


  • Bongo
    (formerly Bongonaut)