Environment Variables



Is is possible to edit environment variables on a DH PS? Specifically, I’ve installed ImageMagick in $HOME/local/ and would like to add that to my environment PATH so I can call exec(‘convert …’); rather than exec(’/home/myusername/local/bin/convert …’);
This would allow me to have the same code on my local dev server and my live server, instead of having to change variables around before I upload my scripts.


Why not use ~/local



well, that might work to shorten it (I’ll give it a try), but doesn’t solve the problem of having to change my code between the dev and live server (~/local/bin/convert won’t work on my local install because it’s in /opt/local/bin)


Since you can’t change things here, would it work to create a link on your home system that points ~/local/bin/convert to the one in /opt/local/bin



that works… hadn’t thought of that. I set a symlink to /opt/local/bin in my ~/local folder and works like a charm. Now exec(’~/local/bin/convert …’); works on both servers.

Problem solved. Thanks, Scott!