Entire vBulletin Install Gone

And replaced with a blank WordPress install. I JUST got everything up and going and set up right so I hadn’t made a back up yet. Apparently that was a HUGE mistake because now everything, including the couple bits of content that I had posted into the CMS, is gone. I realize there’s going to be errors and stuff now and again but this is serious business here. It’d be one thing if it was just throwing 404’s and server time outs but this is beyond ridiculous. Am I really going to have to rebuild everything from scratch? If this is the case I might have to consider looking at HostGator or Blue Host or something when my two year subscription ends in April. It’s really lame having been with you guys this long and up until this new year started I’ve not had any problems with the hosting itself at all. Is 2013 just sucking behind the scenes or what?

Your site was replaced with a blank WP with no interaction from you? All files simply disappeared?

Yep. Some of the files do seem to still be in place but everything important seems to be gone. If this can be fixed on their end I’ll be downloading the entire site and a backup of the MySQL DB before I go to bed tonight.

Did you have WordPress installed on the site at some point? I’d be willing to bet you did, and you removed it, and we just now tried to “upgrade” it. Good news is this should be really easy for us to fix — we just have to sort out a few files that might have been overwritten, but should be easily replaceable. (index.php and .htaccess are probably the extent of it.) Once that’s done, everything else should still be there.

I did have WordPress installed before we moved over to using vB. Hoping this gets worked out shortly.

So am I getting my site back soon or should I just assume I need to install vB all over again and start from scratch? In case there was some confusion this is on my smarksnark.com domain.

As Andrew eluded to above, chances are that the majority of the VB files should still be present. Could you list which folders are now in your domain directory? Just the first directory should be enough.

If you haven’t yet opened a ticket via the panel do so, reference what Andrew F said above. If you have already reply to an email from it and reference what Andrew F said above.

Really I think he was giving you hints to what to go look for, I don’t think he meant they were fixing it from this thread, if you want them to help there needs to be an open ticket.
Also make sure that automticed updates for the original wordpress install get deactivated. You should be able to to that yourself but going to one-click installs in the panel, then clicking “manage installed applications”. On that page you will want to expand the old install by clicking the graphical > then you will see “Remove from list”.

Correct, neither I nor anyone has initiated any work from this thread. You will need to contact DreamHost Support to have us look at it.

For what it’s worth, I did take a quick look at the domain you mentioned, and it does look like pretty much all the vBulletin stuff is still there. So there’s that.