Entire subnet blacklisted and Dreamhost has no clue!


Emails being rejected as entire class C network being black listed and DreamHost has no clue about it. Customer support took 6 days to respond with a templated response.

If everything working, its all good. If something broken, this company will make sure you are screwed!

Being a customer since 2010, hosted anything serious on Dreamhost, but early this year decided to go with DH VPS and paid 3 years upfront. Big mistake!


“Emails being rejected as entire class C network being black listed”

Why has spamrats “black listed” your emails? Sounds like you need to work it out with them. Don’t see what the forum community can do to help.


I’m not seeking any help from you or the community…just want to let people know how pathetic is DH. If you don’t understand the term google it. DH assigned one IP address, entire IP range is blacklisted. I cannot contact them as I’m not the server network administrator. DH should contact them. Thanks for your valuable input.


Have you tried any of the remedies listed here? http://www.spamrats.com/removal.php


Yes, I filled an online form. Haven’t heard anything back yet. Typically they have extreme low priority to respond to an end user. Service provider has to step in to resolve the issue.


An immediate work-around might be to send via an SMTP server rather then directly from the web server. DH seems to recommend this on their PHP-SMTP help page:

Sending mail via SMTP is recommended as email is sent from the mail server rather than the web server

The advantage of sending via SMTP (either DH’s or 3rd party) is that all the modern authentication mechanisms can be setup and applied (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc). Email sent from a web server has none of those protections and can have more trouble being delivered (due to shared IP reputation, blacklists, etc).

Although I do send email from the web-server (mostly admin mail: cron, WP comments), I find it needs to be whitelisted to ensure delivery.


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