Entire Site Wiped Out!


i started getting complaints from clients that my sight (http://faithcamponline.org/) was down. I checked it out and sure enough, only 2 files remained: favicon.gif and favicon.ico. I had a wordpress installed on that site and a lot of video and audio files and custom images. I tried restoring but that failed and reported that there were NO backups at all for that site, even though it has been active and functional for 3 or 4 years.

  1. How can this site be restored (no, of course I don’t have a backup of my own).

  2. Does this happen often at Dreamhost?

  3. Tech support page (“Contact Tech Support” in the panel) is super lame. I try to report and all I can do is report an outage - no response, no contact options. In the past we used to be able to tell how critical the problem is. Now it’s just a report.




You still can, there is a dropdown list below the large box where you type your problem. I set a priority on a ticket last night so I know it is in fact still there.


Yeah I checked again and no place to select the criticalness of the issue and no place to even type in my problem! I can select that the problem is a website, I can select which website is having problems and then it just goes to a page that says “Customer Reported Problem” and the only option available is the paid “webapphelp.com.”


choose “other”, and you will get a different workflow. I just tried and picked “website” and I see what you mean.


I get the same. There’s no customer support box now… no drop-down box. There was this morning, but “poof”, now it’s gone.


We recently made a few changes to the support system. You may need to clear your browser cache to get it working correctly.