Entire Hosting Account Down

All 4 of my websites, which use stimpy, snowball are down. However, unlike previous outages, this time even FTP and web front end is down, complete domain connection failure.

Anybody else experiencing such a massive outage right now?

All of my domains stopped resolving for about 10 minutes. Everything just bounced back now.

Yep. All my sites are not responding.

i think dreamhost is gonna come up with an annoucement

Mine are down as well, and not on stimpy.

This is the third time in the past seven days that this has happened, just during the third of the week that I actually monitor it. I emailed support.

I’m really tired of this happening. :frowning:

Mine is down yet again.

Anybody else?

I’m starting to get a bit impatient about the whole thing, as when it’s down, it seriously interferes with my 9-to-5 job. :frowning:

Everything is down again…!!!

This is nutty. It always takes a good half hour or more to come back up, too, and support generally has some explanation and an apology, but really, this is outrageous. Is anybody else having these frequent outages (by my calculations, about 7-8 or so times a week)?

What is happening to Dreamhost? Most of my site cannot be accessed because one of my MySQL databases is down! This has been going on too often already!!

Ironically I haven’t had just my mysql databases go down in a really long time – just the entire rest of the thing dies, including mail and ftp. :-\ But otherwise, your first sentence precisely reflects my recent thoughts…

It’s all down again. :frowning:

oh marvellous. I just transferred my site here because of too much downtime at Velcom, because I’d heard a lot of good things. Is this really common? Do I need to look around again?

Frankly, all the complaints about downtime are a complete mystery to me. I’ve experienced very little downtime since transferring various domains to DreamHost just over a year ago. I’ve had the occasional email outage of note, and once or twice there has been some MySQL problems, but any outages have been very minor when compared with other hosts I have used.

Some servers seem to have more problems than others, so my experiences may be atypical; however, I’ve had no experiences that would prevent me from giving DreamHost my highest recommendation.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

I would have agreed wholeheartedly with scjessey until a month ago. There tend to be a lot of people who complain about downtime here because it’s good to know when it’s site-wide and when it’s machine-specific, but the average DH user I know doesn’t really have that much of an problem with recurring downtime. They did tell me in my latest “site down!” email that my server seems to be having a bit more trouble lately, and they’re monitoring it. (And it hasn’t gone down since.)

I like DH. If you get stuck on a bad server, you can always ask to move…