Entering a URL without typing "www"

Hey all.

Not too long ago I registered with Dreamhost so that my blog could have its own custom URL, transferring it from “www.retrogameon.blogspot.com” to “www.retrogameon.com”.
Using this this excellent tutorial, I managed to do so, but if I just type in “retrogameon.com”, I get a 404. A lot of people (including myself) very rarely actually type in the “www”, and I’m worried that people aren’t and getting a 404, and then not bothering to try again losing hits to my blog. Here is a short article I found articulating the point if I haven’t been clear enough.

I sent a support ticket to Dreamhost support about a week ago, and they basically told me it was Google’s problem, not their’s. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t understand this since it’s Dreamhost’s URL, not Google’s. If I type in “retrogameon.blogspot.com” it redirects no problem to “www.retrogameon.com”.


In this case dreamhost isn’t actually serving your blog, google still is. Dreamhost just provides the DNS.

To solve your problem, there is a box in your blogger settings to check… See http://www.bloglution.com/2013/08/custom-domain-not-working-without-www.html

Holy cow! Thanks! I can’t believe it was only one checkbox!