Enquiry Form Script

I’ve just uploaded a website to my dreamhost account… please have a look at: www.sailcapercaillie.com

I need to find out how to make the form on the ‘enquiries’ page work. I have built the form in Dreamweaver and I understand I need to have a CGI script to make it send the information inputted to an email address when the ‘Submit’ button is pressed.

I have no understanding of what to do here, other than I need a CGI script. The only function it needs to perform is to send the submitted information to an email address.

Please help if you can!!!

Many thanks for your time

Dreamhost has a “pre-installed” formmail processing script that should do what you want. Full instructions are on the page linked in the first sentence.

Additionally, search this forum for NMS formmail, which will take you to a few threads discussing a similar, but more powerful, script that does the same thing (and more) and works well on Dreamhost. Good Luck!


Many thanks for your help.
I shall let you know if I have any problems!
Thanks again,