Enourmousw1illa.com malware


Hello! We have been hacked with Enourmousw1illa.com malware. And Google put a warning message when people try to visit our site.

I cleaned the site, but:

  • I was not able to locate the htaccess file in the domain root
  • Google still “blacklists” us, despite having applied for malware reconsideration

I tried the restore option in our panel. Then I get an error message saying the backup has been found, but the system cannot install it. When I wrote to DH support, they told me there is no guarantee the reinstalls works. Well, what an answer! I was expecting them to try to reinstall it manually, considering they do have the backup.

What can we do to get the warning removed? Thanks!


you’ll need to get rid of it before Google will take down the warning. If you are not using ssh, then you’ll need to turn on the option in your s/ftp client to show hidden files. .htaccess begins with a dot, so most s/ftp clients will not display it unless forced.