Enom to Dreamhost DNS Problems


I’m moving my blogger site to wordpress through the use of dreamhost. My domain is owned by enom. Although I have changed the dns language to the dreamhost servers and waited 48 hours, I still cannot load my site. At one point, there were no errors with my site. Now dreamhost is telling me I am using non-dreamhost servers. Please help. I am going crazy and this has been going on about a week because of the slow service from both parties.

Thank you!

You may want to double check your DNS settings to make sure they are correct (ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, ns3.dreamhost.com).

Yes, I have done this. They are correct, but they are still showing the old nameservers on whois.enom.com. Any ideas?

You did make this change in your Enom settings right? You can’t just do it at DreamHost, since it won’t work. If you did make the correct changes, I suggest you contact Enom to see why the settings aren’t propagating. That’s their responsibility.