Enhancements to the Control Panel "Support" area

A new feature has appeared in the support area of the DreamHost Control Panel. “Is my server down?” allows you to check on the status of domains, incoming and outgoing email, MySQL databases, and FTP/shell access. It should only be used if one of these services are perceived to be down, because it simultaneously notifies the support team that there is a problem.

Although I haven’t personally suffered from excessive downtime issues, many customers have been complaining recently. Certain servers seem to have been suffering more than others, and there have been a number of problems reported with email. I think this new tool demonstrates DreamHost’s committment to resolving these issues, especially with the recent rollout of the Emergency Status page. Hopefully, it will reduce the frequency of outage-related posts on this forum too, because customers will be able to get better information directly.

Simon Jessey
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