While its a definate improvement in peformance over Squirrel Mail it has some quirks and think it is still slower then it should be. You need to make sure to check your reply to settings because it defaults to the mailbox name rather then your real email address.

You guys should check out web based email from Minter software. http://www.mintercorp.com/ I am using this on a trial basis now through mailsnare.net and it is quite fast and very functional.


Remember the reply that financier J.P. Morgan is reputed to have given to a reporter who asked how much the Morgan yacht cost to operate?

“If you have to ask how much it costs to operate, you can’t afford it,” he replied.


You have to ask.

This brings to mind one of my biggest pet peeves: Companies that don’t simply put their prices online, but ask that you write in for a “quote”.

I guess the presumption is that this gives them an opportunity to ‘sell’ the potential customer on their product. When you’re making price comparisons between 10+ different vendors, though, the last thing you want to do is keep track of who has written back and who hasn’t.

That’s just my gripe of the day, though. :>

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This exact situation made it as one of Jakob Nielsen’s "Top 10 Web-Design Mistakes of 2002:

– Dan