Endless redirection loop on /index.php



I just finished transferring a domain (ccof.net) over to DreamHost, and it looked like everything was going fine, but once it was all finalized and the new NS records propagated, I started getting endless redirection loops at my home page (index.php). It seemed to be redirecting everything to www.ccof.net - no matter whether www was typed in or the naked domain was typed in. That means that I’m getting a series of very rapid redirects in a loop (since www.ccof.net redirects instantly to www.ccof.net, and so on). The redirects happen via a meta http-equiv=“REFRESH” in the head of a boilerplate page I don’t recognize as being a part of my content anywhere.

I was having trouble narrowing anything down to a single symptom until I changed my domain settings from allowing both www and the naked domain, to redirecting www to the naked domain. Once I did that, it started instead redirecting endlessly to the naked domain.

So it does seem that something is mis-configured on the hosting server, at least to me. Obviously, I’d like for this to be cleared up as soon as possible, as my site is down until it can be fixed. Please help!



There’s an “index.html” on your site that has that content — since it exists, it’s being used instead of the index.php. Remove it and your site should work fine.


That is unbelievably embarrassing. Thank you for knowing exactly where to look, and for your EXTREMELY prompt response!! Moments before you posted, I actually figured out how to fix it setting the default document in the .htaccess file, but deleting the unnecessary page is naturally much cleaner.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!